Supporting the Elderly and Vulnerable

Saturday, 21 March 2020 18:12

Egham Residents Association naturally feels we can play our part in this unfolding crisis by supporting people in our neighbourhoods. RBC is very keen to have help from local groups but is equally concerned that the Council co-ordinates that help and puts in place defined procedures.

As it made clear at a meeting with local groups yesterday, the Council wants to avoid duplication of effort and creation of confusion within the Borough. The goal is to establish trust in Council procedures and, importantly, combat the rise of fraudsters. The fear is that scammers are already taking advantage of the situation and mis-representing themselves (see footnote below). Nevertheless, the Council does need help in :

a) identifying vulnerable people in need &

b) ongoing tasks such as: 1) checking on people for wellness, 2) shopping and delivering food to doorsteps and 3) befriending,  

all following safe procedures.

The Council is drafting a leaflet/letter that will go to all residents soon and is asking that everyone who wants to help please register with the Voluntary Support North Surrey service on .

Meanwhile, Sian Williams (07704 887892) and Glenda Thisdell (07905 917440) are registering as ERA representatives and, if you know of anyone who wants help, please let either of them know. They can also both be found on with password:  Egham2020.


P.S. Please share details of the following scams :

1) Impersonating Red Cross workers and health authorities - door-to-door knocking claiming to be carrying out mandatory testing for coronavirus as an excuse to enter a home and carry out robberies. Always ask for ID before letting someone into your home.

2) Impersonating willing shoppers – door-to-door knocking offering help with shopping but then instead steal the money.

3) Cybercrime - there are a number of people sending emails with false test results plus information regarding coronavirus via a link. That link creates a virus on your computer. If you are unsure, do not open links within an email, visit official websites instead. Advice and guidance is continually being updated and it is important to check official websites for the latest information.