Runnymede Hotel - Giant Hogweed

Monday, 22 June 2020 07:52

Just a quick warning to anyone who might be thinking of going for a walk along the River Thames,

especially if your planning to gain access via Runnymede Hotel. The pathway has Giant Hogweed

growing all around it - Heracleum Mantegazzianum, or as it’s commonly known, Giant Hogweed is a

non-native plant in the UK that is commonly found on British river banks and can be dangerous to

humans. A mild winter and widespread flooding earlier this year is thought to have caused it to have

greater presence in fields, woodlands and even local allotments across the UK. A towering plant that

can reach up to three meters (10 feet) in height, it can be easily mistaken for Cow Parsley, one of the

reasons that it is a danger to those who are unaware of the risks associated with touching hogweed.

The primary danger posed by Giant Hogweed to humans is the plant’s sap, which if it gets onto the

skin and the skin is exposed to sunlight, can cause burns, blistering and long-lasting scars.

One of our Committee members has confirmed it is Giant Hogweed and not Cow Parsley. He has

reported it to the hotel and RBC over the weekend as there are some small pockets growing in the

Runnymede field on the other side of the A308 - the hotel has already begun taking action steps

towards it's eradication.