SCC Local Outbreak Control Plan

Thursday, 2 July 2020 17:33

Surrey County Council has published its Local Outbreak Control Plan (LOCP), outlining

its readiness to control the spread of COVID-19 and quickly manage any local spike in

infections. Surrey is one of 11 councils chosen to lead the first phase of NHS Test and

Trace and the development of LOCPs. Details can be found on :


The document is the result of weeks of intense planning by Surrey's Public Health,

communications and emergency management teams alongside military planners,

districts and boroughs, and local NHS.

It is hoped that any ‘localised lockdown’ in Surrey can be avoided if people continue to

follow important public health messages and comply with the NHS Test & Trace

system. This includes:

• Self isolate if you have symptoms and get tested

• Share your contacts if you test positive

• Self isolate when alerted to by Test and Trace

• Keep your distance if you go out

• Work from home if you can

• Wear face coverings where appropriate

• Wash your hands regularly

Tim Oliver, Leader of Surrey County Council, said: “It is imperative that all Surrey

residents play their part and continue to follow public health advice and comply with

NHS Test and Trace instructions, so we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep

Surrey safe, and open. Whilst this is new territory for everybody concerned, we have

developed a comprehensive plan combining the expertise of Public Health, Local

Government and advice from central government. We are forensically analysing the

data, to monitor infection rates locally to see if there is any spike in cases occurring.”

The LOCP will only be triggered where there are suspected or confirmed COVID-19

outbreaks in any setting or community. An ‘outbreak’ is defined as ‘a greater than

expected occurrence of an infection compared with the usual background rate for that

particular place and time’ or a number of people linked by place and time, usually two

or more people. It is likely that outbreak control measures will be used in specific

settings such as schools, care homes, workplaces, hospitals etc. rather than whole

town or area ‘lockdowns’. However, the LOCP will be updated and adapted as the

situation changes and more is learned about outbreak control elsewhere.

As part of the response a communication campaign will be put into action. Key public

messages will be shared across social media, local press as well as digital and outdoor

advertising. In the event of a specific outbreak extra control measures will be

activated. A rapid response team will issue real time messages to residents across

social media and notify them of any additional action they need to take.